Letter from Manufacturer of KIO3

Letter from Chuck Fenwick, Director of Medical Corps.

I have actually given trade-ins for people with KI just to get it out of their houses.

Both KI and KIO3 can be rough on the stomach. I’ve taken both on more than one occasion for testing purposes. KIO3 seems to be a bit rougher on the empty stomach, but KI is exceedingly bitter. Here’s what to do;

First and foremost, you need to have several weeks worth of KI or KIO3 on hand in storage now because if we have a nuclear event the chances of you getting it after the event is remote to nonexistent. The National Pharmaceutical Stockpile will not be able to reach in a timely manner because of radiation pollution and especially EMP [disrupting communications and transportation]. There will be no [grid] electricity and vehicles, radios, television et cetera will not work. Ergo, no distribution or thyroid blockers for America.

Another point to consider: If we have one nuclear event we will most likely have more than one over several days time. That is the reason we (several manufacturers have multi-dose bottles. We had to ask ourselves, “How much is enough?”

If you are counting on the two tablets of KI or KIO3 that was handed out, it won’t be enough. Since I no longer carry KI for the US, who would I recommend to purchase more KI from? Shane Conner of www.ki4u.com has a ready supply and he is a trustworthy manufacturer. I often recommend him. The other maker I would recommend is Kevin Briggs who makes Rad Block. It can be purchased at www.TACDA.com

How to Take KI and KIO3

KIO3 can be taken in tablet form or sprinkled on food or drinks. It is not bitter and children won’t throw it up–which is the point. However, taking it on an empty stomach feels like taking an aspirin on an empty stomach so take it with food or especially lots of water. If food or water is not handy then by all means don’t delay–just take the proper dose or chew up the proper dose. KI has less of that “I just drank a cold drink” feeling.

KI is terribly bitter and the taste must be disguised. It made about 6% of the population vomit during Chernobyl and I would think that most were children. The FDA has devoted a huge page on disguising the taste of KI. Here is a quick list on what to do, reprinted from the FDA’s site:

* Low fat chocolate milk
* Orange juice
* Flat Soda (For example, cola)
* Raspberry syrup
The mixture of potassium iodide with raspberry syrup disguises the taste of potassium iodide best. The mixtures of potassium iodide with low fat chocolate milk, orange juice, and flat soda (for example, cola) generally have an acceptable taste. Low fat white milk and water did not hide the salty taste of potassium iodide.

If you only have KI then it is a must that the child keep it down or the child’s thyroid may be exposed to a lethal dose of I-131. Find some way to make them keep it down.
In the event of a nuclear disaster or nuclear bomb you will have to take KI or KIO3 to protect your thyroid if you are down wind.

I’m supposed to say that the authorities will tell you when to take the KIO3, but EMP will be a problem for that and most likely the authorities will either be in a shelter or be glowing plasma–so you really are on your own. A gas mask will not do the job properly. Human skin will absorb radioactive iodine even if you have on a mask. The only way to completely avoid I-131 is to have a self-contained blast [and fallout] shelter [with air filtration].

In closing, I repeat, buy your KI or KIO3 now so you can concentrate on other things like food, water, shelter and education. Especially education because the old civil defense motto was Knowledge Replaces Fear.

Sincerely, – Chuck Fenwick, Director, Medical Corps

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