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    Don’t Let you and your family be left unprepared in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Learn the importance of readines and be prepared.

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  • KIO3 Frequently Asked Questions

    KIO3 FAQs Questions and Answers Would it help if I started taking KiO3 now . . . just in case? NO!  Do not take any thyroid blocker now.  You will be wasting your supply.  It will not help you unless you are caught in fallout. We repeat, “NO, do NOT take a Thyroid Blocker UNLESS […]

  • Increased Nuclear Risk

    The latest news indicates that Nuclear Power plants, over 100 in our country, are at risk of a terrorist attack. A radiation leak from any one of these plants could be carried downwind for hundreds of miles, potentially poisoning thousands or even millions of people in large population areas.  Unfortunately, a Nuclear Power Plant has over […]

  • Letter from Manufacturer of KIO3

    Letter from Chuck Fenwick, Director of Medical Corps. I have actually given trade-ins for people with KI just to get it out of their houses. Both KI and KIO3 can be rough on the stomach. I’ve taken both on more than one occasion for testing purposes. KIO3 seems to be a bit rougher on the […]