Preparedness Quiz

Taken from Institute for Self-Reliant Living and Pam Stegner’s Preparedness 101 classes.

This version of the Quiz is the more extensive one, and has not been done in it’s entirety on the radio yet. This quiz will help you determine how prepared you are. The thinking behind this Quiz is to become self-sufficient without being dependent on care from the government or others. But that you can care for yourself and those who depend on you. If you don’t know the answer to the question, check “No.”  Scores are provided at the end of the quiz.   Don’t peek and be honest, the quiz is only for you to rate yourself against yourself.  There are no right or wrong answers, regardless of where you are on the scale of preparedness, the thing is to begin.  And the fact that you are taking this quiz means that you are interested in preparedness!

At the end of this quiz you can provide your email and a copy will with the questions will be sent to you.

  • Communications

  • FOOD

  • Water

  • Location

  • Emergency Safety & Fire Starting

    I bet you are wondering about this one! If there is a fire the first thing that happens is glass breaks, and it makes it a lot easier to get the heck out of dodge if you have shoes on when running over glass!
  • Heat

  • Alternative Energy

    You just made an A on this Quiz!
  • Personal Finances

  • Health

  • Home Security

    You have received tactical training and practice regularly. Going to the range once a year isn't "knowing how to use" your gun.