Why Do I Prepare For Emergencies?

My parents lived in Upstate New York. We Grew up on the shores of Lake Ontario. Summers were nice as the water stayed cool until mid/late July. This allowed for cool winds to wash over us when the winds blew from the north. Winters were brutal when the water cooled in January and white-outs became the event that tested your religion convictions and driving abilities.Summer brought fierce Lightning storms and with it – power outages. Winter brought the cold and depth of snow that stated “You will be staying home from school today”.

Growing up, I thought everybody lived the same. At least we all lived similar in my little town. We all had rows of canned goods that I remember kept the kitchen HOT and the men outside smoking cigars. Burlap sacks of Potatoes to eat on until the next harvest. A whole shelf dedicated to candles and flashlight batteries. Finding the flashlights is another story for another post. Remind me sometime to tell you. Big chest freezers so full you had to rotate the bottom to the top in snow suits to keep from getting frostbite on your hands and wrists.

Then I moved to the Virginia. Oppressive heat and humidity so heavy that your deodorant is waving the white flag by the time you go from the front door to the vehicle. No snow most years. When it comes, hold on to your pants because nobody remembers how to drive in this stuff.

The prevailing thought seems to be, “Why prepare when there is a Walmart every 20 – 30 miles?”. Sounds logical. The question I ask is “What if you can’t get to Walmart?” Wait for It………..Wait………It is coming……..the ole “Deer in the Headlights” look, along with that funny neck/head twist that walks hand in hand with The Look.

Since 9/11/2001 – the country seems to be a bit edgy. the further we get from that date the more edgy we have become. Has our approach to preparedness changed? Yes. Quite frankly it has. Summer is still hot and winter is still cold. We know that a school shooting may happen. We know that mass layoffs are now commonplace. We don’t see wood stoves or fireplaces in most homes anymore. People that may walk up on us have us on high alert. In short, we just don’t know what the other person will do anymore. These are all situations that you can prepare for. I prepare not because I am afraid of what may come. No…….I prepare because I know what will come. My family prepares because we know that a weather event is coming. My family prepares because we know that the factory may close and relocate.

My family prepares because there is always the chance that we may be home when the power goes out. I know that my vehicle will break down on the hottest/coldest day and that I may need to walk. I know that I may not get my 40 hours in every week. I know that I have to eat food at least once a day. I prefer three times or more a day but that is for another time. Remind me of this as well. I know that I need shelter if my house burns down. I know I need water.

Stay tuned more to come.

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